Image of a staircasethat is overgrown with plants and leads into some woodland

About Manchester 500 Words

The Trafford 500 Word Competition was first launched by Wendi Swan in January 2021, when the country went into lockdown.

Due to last year’s success, and the continued sponsorship and support from SEED at the University of Manchester, we are running the competition for another year.

Although we are still in a state of uncertainty, as regards the pandemic, we hope that school lockdowns will be a thing of the past. However, children have been undeniably affected, sometimes in a loss of learning and often in a loss of confidence. We hope that by being given the opportunity to take part in the competition, that a little of this will be redressed.

It is intended that this competition will give excite and enthuse the children and encourage them to write for pleasure and purpose. We hope that they feel a part of a writing community, where imagination and creativity are celebrated.

The children will all be given the same starting point, as a stimulus… a photograph of some mystifying steps…where will they lead?

Manchester 500 Words is Supported by

SEED Social Responsibility, The University of Manchester
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